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In association with its guesthouse management partner, GROUNDSTONE Capital uses its expertise to acquire, re-position and restructure guesthouses for growth, to capitalise on the changing needs of the local and international accommodation market.

Our team has developed an excellent track record in managing all aspects of boutique-style guesthouses. This management skill is a clear competitive advantage and form a key part of our success recipe.

Fact Sheet

Industry Focus: Hospitality Private Equity

FSP No: 51170

Fund Manager: Francois Herbst

Fund Administrator: House of Growth

Compliance Company: Etude

Target Raise: R 30 million

Minimum Investment: R 500,000

Expected Return: Up to 18%

Our compliance, expertise and commitment will safeguard your investment.


What is a Section 12J?

Read more about what a Section 12J investment is and how investors benefit from the return on their investment as well as the tax deduction on the amount invested.  


Tax Savings


Return on Investment



return on investment

Section 12J Calculator

Use our Section 12J investment calculator and see how you can benefit. Please note that the minimum investment amount is R 500,000. 

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