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Our Investment Focus

Our primary investment focus is the hospitality sector in the Western Cape, with a niche focus on the boutique-style guesthouse segment. We are confident that the hospitality industry provides an opportunity for investors to invest in property-backed assets, therefore reducing risk and opening up leveraging opportunities through finance.

With numerous guesthouses that are either family-owned or owned by small groups of individuals, the guesthouse market is extremely fragmented. Many of these guesthouses will all need professional management, at some point, to ensure that they continue to operate at optimum capacity and remain efficiently structured, which can be provided by a dynamic and experienced group of professionals, such as ourselves.

With a guaranteed return of up to 18%, this is an attractive proposition to investors

With a minimum investment of R 500 000, GROUNDSTONE Capital offers potential investors the opportunity to acquire an equity share in a private limited company. This investment opportunity is well suited for investors who want to make their first step into the hospitality sector, and for seasoned owners wanting to take a step back.

GROUNDSTONE Capital sees this as a real opportunity to identify boutique-style guesthouses that will benefit from their investment and operational expertise, whilst delivering a good alternative return for investors.



Why Should You Invest

Hospitality is a primary driver of the local economy

100% tax deductible

Recover up to 45% from SARS in the first year

Average yield per annum up to 17.96% after tax relief

Fastest alternative growing asset class in South Africa

Consistent 60% occupancy rate

Low risk real estate based investment

Expected growth in domestic travel and international travel

investment requirement

How much can I invest?

Minimum 500 shares: R 500,000

Maximum 2499 shares: R 2,499,000 (Trusts and Individuals)

Maximum 4999 shares: R 4,999,000 (Companies)

Hospitality has been a strong performer due to significant job creation and in having a strong asset underpin, and strong cash flows.


Investment Mix

Our investment mix will ensure that our property backed investments provide assurance to investors, while embracing the advantages that the 4th industrial revolution brings.

90% of secured capital will be directly invested in the traditional hospitality and hotelkeeping sector, while we look to invest 10% of secured capital in hospitality related businesses, especially where technology can be used to improve efficiencies.

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  • Have a minimum investment of R 500,000
  • Review our CIPC approved prospectus
  • Complete the mandatory application form
  • Sign and submit with all FICA documents