We operate within a niche and boutique-style guesthouse segment of the hospitality sector. Based on its recent successes and growth, despite the impact of Covid-19, conditions remain favourable for this dynamic business to extend its market share.

GROUNDSTONE Capital plans to buy guesthouses in the Western Cape, that are positioned to benefit from the growth of local and international tourism, and continue to invest into efficiently structured guesthouses, which will operate at optimum capacity.



In association with its guesthouse management partners, GROUNDSTONE Capital uses its expertise to acquire, re-position and restructure guesthouses for growth, to capitalise on the changing needs of the local and international accommodation market. Our combined team has developed an excellent track record in managing boutique-style guesthouses. This management skill is a clear competitive advantage and forms a key part of GROUNDSTONE Capital success recipe.

GROUNDSTONE Capital is independently administered by House of Growth. Their professional and well qualified team are experienced administrators of Section 12J funds.

Etude has been appointed for independent compliance monitoring, and to ensure that the policies and procedures to meet the regulatory requirements in this sector are implemented and maintained.